Learning Mobility



  1. You must be a registered student at ABU at the time of logging an application.
  2. Undergraduate students must have a minimum of 2.20 CGPA and have completed 2 regular semesters. Erasmus + Mobility Program is especially offered for 2nd or 3rd year students.
  3. Students must have to pay all the fee to ABU instead of Host Institute.
  4. Disabled, martyr / veteran children will be given priority.


  1. Application Form – complete 
  2. Transcript of Academic Record 

​         send to erasmus@antalya.edu.tr 

Take a complete overview of the host institute in terms of course availability, language of instruction, housing and living expenses.


         Review our Partner Universities for Erasmus+ Study Mobility program.

         Check the course catalog of partner universities.

         Discuss your preferred university, courses and graduation requirements with your academic advisor.

         In order not to lose credit points or semester, students must take approval from academic advisor for the courses that they registered in host institute.

         Its student responsibility to keep in touch with IPO, in case of any changes made in curriculum by host institute, in order not to face any difficulty at the time of credit transfet to ABU.        


         1. Documents to be obtained by the student prior to departure:

         Learning Agreement for Studies

         Grant Agreement

         OLS - The Online Linguistic Support

        2. Documents to be submitted by the student upon return:

         Changes in Learning agreement

         Transcript of Record issued by host institution

         Letter of Confirmition

         Final Report

         Passport Copy with “Departure(Exit from the country)” and “Arrival (Enter to the country back)” stamps.

         OLS - The Online Linguistic Support


Early return: Erasmus+ Studies has a minimum of 3 months / 1 semester to maximum of 12 months. Those who cannot fulfill minimum time period due to any reason unstated must return back whole amount of grant.

If the student returns early due to extenuating circumstances (family issues, health issues, natural disasters, etc.), only grant of the time period which spent abroad would paid to the student.

Studies in own country: Lowset priority will be given to students who are currently studying in Turkey and are selected for their home country for Erasmus + Mobility program.

Payment: You will receive 80% of it before you start your exchange program. You will receive the final 20% of the grant after your return to ABU, if you bring the all necessary documents you take at the companies.