Staff Training Mobility

Dear Staff Members:

The staff members participating in the program will receive funding to spend minimum 2 days and preferably not more than 14 days in an organization / interprise in Europe. You will recieve contributions for travel costs and subsistence during the period abroad. For each participant, the distance for travel is calculated by the ‘Distance Calculator'.

Why Take this Opportunity?
► Experience training in Europe
► Open your mind to new ideas by doing great practice
► Exchange the skills and knowledge of others
► Enhance the international dimension of your institution
► Develop new international networks

Who is eligible?

Administrative staff of AIU

Where can you go?
You can go to any of the following:
  ► European Higher education institution holding Charter. (Web)
  ► European Enterprise, Organization    
Please click the following link for available funds

Timeline of the placement:

Begining of applications -07.04.2016 

Deadline: -29.04.2016 

For the 2015-2016 Call mobility activity should take place until 30.09.2016

Priority will be given to the following:

* Staff members who have never benefited from the experience
* Units that have never benefited from the experience
* An institution that has never been visited 
* A Country that has never been visited
* Work experience at AIU
* Contribution to AIU's internationalization policy

Application Documents:


1. Application Form

2. Acceptance Letter (sample)

3. Mobility Agreement  (filled out,  signed and stamped) 

4. Travel Approval Request 

5. Motivation Letter

 In order to help us to prioritize applications, please provide a supporting statement, making particular reference to: 

► How the opportunity will develop the individual/make an impact in the individual’s job role.

► How the opportunity links to the individual’s career development.

► How the individual and the manager will know what impact the learning has had on their work and job.

► How this development opportunity will contribute to the strategic objectives of the department