Language Policy


The medium of instruction at ​​​​ABU is English.The application procedure requires students to prove an English proficiency.They can either prove it by passing the English Language proficiency test prepared by the ​ABU English Language Training Program (under the Common European Framework standards-​B2 level) ​i​n order to apply for mobility programs, or they can prove it with equivalence to a score of at least 550 on the paper-based,213 on the computer based,79 on the internet based TOEFL or 6 in IELTS. ​ABU language policies aim to protect linguistic diversity and promote knowledge of different languages.​ABU offers language courses for credit in Chinese, Russian, Arabic​ and Spanish. 

The School of Languages, English Language Training Program (ELTP) at Antalya Bilim University (ABU) is a specially designed program for students whose first language is not English. The program offers classes that develop English skills with second language acquisition strategies in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. The mission of the English Language Training Program is to help our students reach their academic, vocational and personal goals.

Having the vision of being a leader university in the region, ABU English Language Training Program cooperates with the ESL Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), one of the most reputable higher education institutions in the world. ABU students will have the opportunity to complete their English language training through a contemporary, very rich and progressively updated curriculum, which has been prepared in cooperation with the eminent ESL professionals at the UW.

With their worldwide experience and solid backgrounds in teaching English language to non-native speakers, the instructors at the ABU English Language Training Program, along with the UW ESL professionals, have designed modern multimedia classes and reading & writing centers to improve students’ fundamental English language skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Using cutting-edge technologies to establish web-based writing and reading centers to support English language training, ABU offers one of the best English Language Training Program to its students, and in furnishing them with the necessary and sufficient English language skills to be successful in their academic life and future career. 

Antalya Bilim University presents various education opportunities for different academic fields in which the courses are dominantly carried out   through English. On account of the cooperation agreement with the ESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Department of the University of Wisconsin –Madison, the School of Languages of ABU has projected a unique language teaching program.

In general, each student of ABU is obliged to attend the program for English Language Learning provided by the School of Foreign Languages unless they could fulfill the requirements defined by the faculties of the School. Only after students settle the exemption conditions or accomplish to pass all the language levels, they have right to start with their academic departments. 

Considering the curriculum issues of prep class program, the English Language Learning Program provides a one-year intensive schedule with students to acquire all integrated skills such as reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills through the help of a great number of experienced instructors.  As for the language levels, there are roughly three general levels called Fundamental (A1-A2), Intermediate (B1) and Upper Level (B2). 

This program can be considered as having 4 main modules and 2 intensive modules. The last module is for students who could not display the success expected of them until the end of the 4th module. In order to pass a module, a student is expected to display 80 % success within the 7 weeks in the supposed module. Otherwise, he/she might repeat the module. 

Our classes are not only comprised of skill based courses but also afternoon session that we call Creative Use of English (CUE). All students are directed to an activity based class in line with their preferences. It can be a sport, cultural, or an artistic activity. This will, we believe, broaden the scope of our students and give them the opportunity to learn English with taste. The points that the student will gather from the activities will affect the final score obtained at the end of one year academic term. Throughout the term, students and instructors will be cooperating and working hand in hand for the purpose that students enable to attain a sufficient use of English in their academic life and professional career