Swiss European Mobility Program

In February 2014, the Erasmus + agreement between the European Union and Switzerland was suspended. In this time, Swiss higher education institutions couldn’t benefit from this program. For students who wish to benefit from Swiss Mobility, the grant is provided by the Swiss Government.

You must apply to benefit the program. Also there are some criterias you need to have with this application. You will join the English Language Proficiency Exam with Erasmus+ Mobility candidate students. If you get nominated, you can start to study for 1 or 2 semester at partner university.

  • The interim solution for E+ for higher education is called the Swiss-European Mobility Programme and follows the principles of Erasmus+;
  • Student mobility for studies and staff mobility for teaching are based on inter-institutional agreements between Swiss and European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs);
  • Swiss HEIs can apply for Swiss funding for the purpose of outgoing and incoming mobility activities (key action 1) with any Erasmus+ programme country. The grants for incoming mobilities will be paid to the ultimate beneficiaries by Swiss HEIs;
  • Eligible activities for funding include all types of mobility: for study (SMS) or traineeships (SMT), for teachers (STA) and staff (STT). Traineeships in Switzerland can only be funded if they are coordinated by a Swiss partner HEI.

Opportunities for students at ABU;

  • Discover another Swiss region with a different language and culture
  • Enhance their language skills
  • Benefit from a greater variety of courses
  • Make new contacts and friends
  • Experience a new learning environment.
Application Process
  • Application for the program to ABU
  • Application to the host university
1. Students must meet the minimum criteria before applying to Swiss Mobility Program;
  • Students are required to apply online at ABU website.
  • Undergraduate students must have a minimum of 2.50 CGPA and have completed 1 regular semester. Erasmus + Mobility Program is especially offered for 2nd or 3rd year students.
  • Weighted score for selection will be evaluated as: 50% of English proficiency +  50% of CGPA.
  • All students must provide ABU English Language Exam  minimum score of 70 or IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL  IBT 79
  • Interview will be made after the avarage of Exam results and CGPA.
2. Application to the host university
  • After the students get nominated and results are published on website, ABU informs the host universit with the name of  the students.
  • Universities langague of instruction can be in German and French. Please don’t forget to check it.

You can find the requirement documents:

3. Visa and Entry Requirements

The students should apply for a visa. Entry to Switzerland is possible in this case only after the application has been approved. A visa for tourist cannot be converted into a visa for students.


COURSE CATALOG( For incoming students)


GRADING SYSTEM (For incoming Students)
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