Erasmus exchange students can apply only if their home institution has an Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement with Antalya Bilim University. The students must be nominated by their home institution and Antalya Bilim University needs to be informed by them.

Students need to fill in the ABU Application Form, and then the Learning Agreement must be signed by the student, the home and host universities so as to ensure the student’s agreement on the courses to undertake, the home institution’s recognition of courses that will be taken at Antalya Bilim University by the exchange student and Antalya Bilim University’s acceptance of the courses. Incoming Erasmus students must submit the necessary documents to the Erasmus Office at Antalya Bilim University.

Deadline for Application:

Fall Semester  :  25 June
Spring Semester  :   25 December 

IMPORTANT: These mentioned deadlines are our university’s nomination deadlines. 

  1. Click Here for Online Application Form,
  1. Other Required Documents,
  1. Learning Agreement
  2. Official Transcript of Records
  3. Copy of the passport
  4. 2 Photos/shaped photographs pressed on glossy paper
  5. Valid Life, Health and Travel Insurance



  • The medium of instruction is at our university is English. It is enough to know English to follow the lessons.
  • Students can study at our university for at least one semester.
  • A minimum of 30 ECTS must be taken  per semester.
  • Exchange students should choose 50% of their courses from the related department

ECTS is a student- oriented credit system based on the workload of the student. It is a value that represents all the studies (theoretical courses, applications, seminars, independent studies, examinations, assignments, etc.) that a student needs to complete in order to be successful in a course. In addition, it makes teaching and learning more transparent and facilitates the recognition of studies (formal, non-formal and informal). The system is used across Europe for credit transfer (student mobility) and credit accumulation (learning paths towards a degree.) It also informs curriculum design and quality assurance. Institutions which use ECTS publish their course catalogues on the web, including detailed descriptions of study programs, units of learning, university regulations and student services. Course descriptions contain learning outcomes (what students are expected to know, understand and be able to do), and workload (the time students typically need to achieve the learning outcomes), expressed in terms of credits. In most cases, student workload ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 hours for an academic year, and one credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work.

Credit transfer and accumulation are made easier by the use of the ECTS key documents (course catalogue, learning agreement, and transcript of records) as well as the Diploma Supplement.

ECTS can feed into recognition decisions. These decisions, however, remain the responsibility of the competent authorities that are professors involved in student exchange, university admission officers, recognition advisory centers (ENIC-NARIC), ministry officials or employers.

For sources and further information, please click here



Erasmus+ students must secure a 3-month tourist visa prior to their arrival in Turkey.

There is no need for a student/study visa.


After entering Turkey, all Erasmus+ students must apply for the Residence Permit at Antalya Migration Office in one month. Below is a list of the documents to submit.  ABU buddy students will help you to get there. Students must pick up their own permit. 

Required documents for application:

  1. Filled-out online application form available on:
  2. Your passport,
  3. 4 photographs,
  4. A student certificate from the International Programs Office,
  5. A detailed residence address in Antalya,
  6. A Health Insurance Paper,
  7. Application fee.

Foreign students are required to apply for a residence permit. Students will have an appointment with the officers from the immigration office.

İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü;

Address: Valilik Ek Hizmet Binası 
(Eski İl Özel İdaresi)
Bayındır Mahallesi Gazi Bulvarı

TEL            :+90 242 237 95 50 -237 95 51 - 237 95 52
FAX           :+90 242 237 95 53
E-Mail      :
Web Site   :

IMPORTANT! No residence permit application will be accepted without a passport.

The online application has to be submitted before the appointment date.

An ABU buddy student will be assigned to each Erasmus student for assistance.


Please click on the link for further information.


Antalya Airport is located on the east side of Antalya. The average travel time to the city center is 20 minutes.




 You can find shuttle busses operated by HAVAŞ to the city center, or you can take a taxi to your destination. Taxi cabs are available 24/7, or the tramway is also available at the airport from 6:00 am until 12:00 pm.

If you send your flight details when asked, you may be picked-up by buddy students of Antalya Bilim University.




If you would like to take the Tramway, after having collected your luggage, proceed towards the exit. You will find the Airport tramway stop in front of you. Please, get on the tramway labelled Fatih (which is the last stop of the Tramway). To take the tramway, you need to buy a ticket in the booth near the tram-stop.

Get off at the Fatih Stop, and take a bus to get to ABU main campus in Döşemealtı. Approximate journey time is 20-30 minutes.

Bus Signs: Dc15A, DT18, DC79  

Contact your buddy students, they will help you with transportation.




Antalya Bilim University offers dormitories. The Women’s Dormitory is located on the campus, and the Men’s Dormitory is located outside of the campus.

Amenities in the Dormitory rooms;


  •  Wireless connection
  • Study desk for each student
  • Reading lamp
  • 24/7 Hot water



  • Security cameras
  • 24/7 Security service
  • Fire detectors and extinguishers in each room
  • Fire alarm systems 

Monthly living cost estimate for international students: 

Private accommodation: € 200-300

Food: € 150 - 250

Transportation: € 15-50

Other expenses (entertainment, etc): € 60-150

Total: € 450 - 800
+90 (242) 245 00 00 #5300
Ciplakli Mah. Akdeniz Bulvari. No:290