General Regulations

Program at a Glance

General Regulations for Teaching Staff Mobility

2015-2016 Academic year

Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility is the sub-category which allows faculty members to give lectures in Higher Education Institutions of European countries which has Erasmus University Charter.

The objectives

  • To allow students who are not able to participate in a mobility scheme, to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of academic staff from higher education institutions in other European countries
  • To promote exchange of expertise and experience on pedagogical methods
  • To encourage higher education institutions to broaden and enrich the range and content of courses they offer.

The teaching assignments may be carried out by teaching staff from higher education institutions or by invited staff from enterprises. In all cases, faculty undertaking a teaching assignment must be integrated into the department or college/school of the host institution.

The partner higher education institutions must have agreed in advance on the program of lectures to be delivered by the visiting faculty. Where the faculty carrying out the assignment is from a higher education institution, the assignment must be based on an inter-institutional agreement between the home and host institution.


1. You should have at least 50% full-time contract at Antalya International University
2. Antalya International University and the university to be visited should have Inter-Institutional Agreement Between Programme Countries (Faculty is responsible to obtain such agreements through their networks in their respected fields). Please have the completed agreement signed and stamped by the host university and attach a copy of the official agreement form along with your application. 


Once AIU and the host university have an Inter-Institutional Agreement for (at least) Teaching Staff Mobility, the faculty members should submit:

  1. Apply Online
  2. INVITATION LETTER from the host institution (To be Submitted online)
  3. AIU TRAVEL APPROVAL REQUEST (To be Submitted online and hard copy)


This is a short "Teaching program" endorsed by both the sending and the host institution. This document must be signed and stamped by the home and host institution. Before filling out the form, faculty members are recommended to contact their colleagues at the partner institutions to arrange the teaching activity. The teaching activity can take forms of lectures and seminars that should be fully integrated into the study program of the host institution.  Research activities and meetings at the partner institution are not considered eligible activities for Erasmus+ TSM. Additionally, the proposal should include a minimum of 8 teaching hours.


After AIU IPO receives the documents, a committee headed up by AIU VP for International Programs will review the applicants and assess the proposals to grant funds on the basis of selection priorities and evaluation criteria. The results will be announced within 3 days after the application deadline, 9th of May 2016.

Selection Priorities

1. Priority will be given to the following applications:

  • Applications in which faculty members may find possibilities to develop new cooperation activities and projects while they are at the partner institution
  • Applications which lead to production of new teaching material 
  • Applications which demonstrate that visiting teachers’ contributions will be an integral part of a degree/diploma program at the host institution

2. Priority will be given to faculty who hasn’t benefited from teacher mobility before.

3. Priority will be given to faculty applying for a teaching assignment to an institution participating in the Erasmus Student Mobility Program.

4. The funds will be allocated in accordance with the Evaluation Criteria.


Applications will be evaluated and ranked on a total of 100 points.





Applicant has not previously participated in a mobility program.



Full-time faculty member



Faculty rank (Professor: 5; Associate: 4; Assistant: 3; Lecturer: 2)



Currently, Erasmus Department Coordinator/Assistant



From an Administrative Department which directly or indirectly contributes  to Erasmus Program



First mobility between AIU and the host university



First mobility between AIU and the country of the  host university



First mobility from the department of the applicant



At least one year of work experience at AIU



Degree received in HEI where the language of instruction is English



Total Score


*Earlier applications will be given priority among applicants having the same criteria points

Travel & Accommodation

When traveling to the partner institution under this program, each faculty member is expected to make their own travel arrangements.


Payments will be transferred to your € account one week prior to your departure.

Duration of teaching period

The visit to the host institution can be minimum 2 days and maximum 2 months, preferably not more than 7 days (in certain cases and depending availability of funds, AIU VP for International Programs can allocate more or less days than the requested ones).  In case duration of activity/mobility is more than 14 days, only 70% of the daily grant is paid. Please notice that you are expected to engage in a minimum 8 hours of teaching. All program related travel should be completed by September 30, 2016. Please also note that it is the sole responsibility of the faculty to obtain departmental and College/School level permissions to leave campus under this program. The faculty is also responsible for making adequate arrangements to cover his/her courses at AIU during their absence. 

Program Related Funding and Allowable Expense Limits

Country Groups with Regards to Cost of Living

Host Countries

Daily EU Grant (€)

Group A:

Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands

144 €

Group B:

France, Austria, Liechtenstein Italy, Norway Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria Greece, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxemburg,  Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Poland, Hungary, Romania


126 €

Group C:

Macedonia, Germany, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, 

108 €

Group D: Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia 90 €

Travel Support:

  • 100 - 499 km: 180 €
  • 500 - 1999 km: 275 €
  • 2000 - 2999 km: 360 €
  • 3000 - 3999 km: 530 €
  • 4000 - 7999 km: 820 €
  • 8000 and above: 1100 €

Distance Calculator


Grant Contract:

After your successful submission of your complete application package, IPO will send an official notification of the allocation of funds for your proposed program. Upon receipt of this notification, you will need to stop by IPO to sign a contract for your participation in the Program.

Documents to be submitted to IPO (signed and stamped): 

Mobility Agreement 


The below forms should be completed and submitted to the AIU International Programs Office for documentation purposes. AIU IPO will be submitting these documents to Turkish National Agency for Erasmus for verification of proper remittance of Erasmus funds.       

1. Boarding passes and receipt of travel tickets (air, land, and sea)

2.  Teaching Staff Mobility Certificate

3. Teaching Staff Mobility Report