Vision and Mission


Strategic plan has been planned to strive for a leading international university through integrating inter-mechanics of research achieved by projects , quality education by highly qualified Faculty, partnership through international relations , practice and service through organizing workshops, conferences and bilateral talks.Visionary ground was actively carved wıth registering foreign students from more than 98 countries making up more than 34% of all admitted students , state-of-art labs , euipments , most modern infra-structure and buildings ,support magnificient amount of student and staff through Erasmus+programme. Despite being a new university in Turkey , values and visions for promoting the university as World renowed university till 2030 , set it to beyond its current status. Several agreements and memorendum of association has been signed with local and foreign universities and organization to facilitate the university with the marked value productivity. International co-operations has been frosted with international co-operation.


‘‘Our mission is to support the youth of the world and work towards a greater good. Our goal is to help them obtain an education that give them the knowledge and skills necessary for improving their lives and their communities.’’


  • Social responsibility.

  • İnternationality of staff and students.

  • Equal opportunities for all interactive education.

  • Self sustaining progression.

  • Ethical and moral values.